There are times in our life when we trip on our own ego.

The very thing that serves as our body armor against rejection, tough markets and tougher sales cycles . . . can simply get in our way.

I believe it gets in our way when we are too proud to allow ourselves to become vulnerable.

Vulnerable enough:

To ask others for help when we don’t understand something

To ask other Jedi how they achieved their results.

To tell our ego to go wait in the car so we can receive the lesson.

To ask for forgiveness when we screw up (not just business folks, our personal life too)

To understand that there are things in life that are beyond you or I going it alone that require Spiritual GPS

And perhaps the ultimate act of vulnerability is to acknowledge that something just flat out scares the sh*t out you!

Today, I will be at Sloan Kettering with a loved one while she has (outpatient) surgery.

And while things were caught early enough, and I will wear my tough guy exterior on my sleeve for her . . .

I will allow myself to be vulnerable enough to reach deep down in my faith and also ask you to do the same on her behalf.

And  before you dismiss this as a warm and fuzzy “Castain took a wuss pill today” rant . . .  there is a serious lesson in all this.

There is a time, when all of us need to acknowledge our own limitations and . . .

be vulnerable enough to reach our hands outward . . .

with a willingness to reach them upward!


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Paul Castain is the Vice President of Sales Development for Consolidated Graphics where he oversees the training and development of 700 sales Jedis.

Prior to working for Consolidated Graphics. Paul was the Director Of Corporate Solutions Sales for Dale Carnegie & Associates and the owner of two successful businesses.

Over the last 27 years, Paul has trained and mentored over 3,000 sales professionals, written sales training content for several Fortune 500 companies and is the author of Castain’s Sales Playbook (which just won a Sales Pop award for best sales website).

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