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Something is going to be happening today at 11:30 am EST and I didn’t want you to miss out! It’s our webinar, How To Close MORE Deals and if you haven’t registered, now might be a REALLY good time! Why? Because the webinar begins TODAY at 11:30 am EST and the good news is that we’ll send you the […]

Could you imagine turning away business because you’re already making too much money? Or how about shutting your brain off so you absolutely COULDN’T learn something that would enable you to sell MORE? Those aren’t trick questions, I’m dead serious and; I’m asking because I want to point something out to you; When you shut […]

Sometimes our need to put something off can lead to us missing out! That’s why I thought I’d shoot you a quick reminder that tomorrow, November 16th, is the day I’m hosting the How To Close More Deals webinar. There are over 30 actionable tips and tactics, 2 email templates, worksheets and of course; You’ll also be […]

You’ve worked really hard to “court” your prospect and then it happens; They tell you . . . Thanks, but No thanks! What do you say? What do you do? What’s your plan . . . From the word “No”. Do you have a plan or do you just “Wing It” Oh, and how do […]

Our ability to take video with our smartphones is usually limited to a family event, the kid’s game etc and meanwhile; There are several ways we can utilize that feature to help expedite our deals. Use Video To Demonstrate Something Demonstrations are a powerful form of evidence. Videos can help you do that. Any type […]

Would you like 2 email templates that will help expedite your deals? I’m going to be sharing the 2 I’ve been using during our How To Close More Deals webinar this Thursday, at 11:30 am EST! Here’s what you’ll gain by joining us; 30 ways to find buyers with a much higher degree of urgency […]

I used to hate this time of year! Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays, I just think people tend to use them as an excuse. Business, for some, will come to a grinding halt while they mentally check out from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving until the following week. It will pick up again until […]

So here we are rapidly approaching the end of 2017. And before you think I’ve prematurely gone into year end mode; You DO realize that many of the people you’re trying to do business with are going to be unavailable next week and will soon give you the old line; Call me back after the […]

On the surface, you and your competitors look and sound the same until; You clearly articulate your difference but; There are lots of things tugging at your prospect’s attention span, that can easily help them forget. That’s why repetition is key and; You need to premeditate when and where you will reinforce your key selling […]

What do you do when you learn that you and your competitor(s) are competing for the same account? For starters, you can leave landmines! A landmine is something you leave behind that educates the prospect and forces your competitors to play a more defensive game. Its also something that forces your competitor to expose their weaknesses. […]