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Hey there folks, Matt Ward here with inConcert Web Solutions. You know, WordPress is the most popular website management software selected by small business owners, lawyers and manufacturing companies. According to a study conducted by … That’s right, the staff at inConcert Web Solutions.   So, here are the top five reasons that you want […]

Welcome back to another episode of Conversations with Einstein. I’m Matt Ward, President and CEO of inConcert Web Solutions. Einstein was quoted as saying “a Table, a Chair, a Bowl of fruit and a violin, what else does a man need to be happy!” Well, he needs a secure website! Today we’re going to talk […]

Transcript of the above podcast is shown below. David Greenwood: Welcome to Overcoming Distractions, the Podcast, how to stay focused in business, and in life. Each week we interview successful people and experts in a variety of industries all in an effort to keep you focused on growing your business and career, and thriving in […]

Letters regarding your domain renewal are a red flag. Be extremely careful about these letters. Don’t trust mail notifications for domain names that arrive via US postal service. You need to trust your web provider directly because they can, and generally do, handle your domain name(s), and oftentimes those domain names are cheaper than the […]

Aren’t Avatars the Blue People in that Movie? When you type ‘avatar’ into the Google search bar the first thing that comes up is James Cameron’s “Avatar” from 2009. A sci-fi movie about blue aliens basically. About 4 entries down you’ll get to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition that says that an avatar is an incarnation […]

In the world of email automation, and email marketing in general, we get asked a lot of questions.  One glaring question that comes up often is  – How much is too much when it comes to sending emails, and specifically automated emails? I think that the answer to this lies beneath the layers of intent […]

An interview with Matt Ward, owner of inConcert Web Solutions. Why would you think business owners should listen to podcasts? Knowledge sharing in the form of a podcast is sometimes referred to as “Knowledge bombs”. They are idea’s to grow your business. Listen to hear that one golden nugget, that will help you succeed in […]

I want to share with you five tips that all lawyers and law firms need to have for an effective website. Did you know that your website is one of the most important marketing tools you have?   Take a few minutes to make sure your site measures up. I know that not having enough time is […]

Do you ever feel like things are all over the place? You can’t wrap your arms around all your marketing material? You have no real direction with all your promotional items, your logo, and your branding identification? We’re currently working with a company that has several locations and their material is scattered at best. So […]

A blog spotlighting our blogs, why not? We work hard on these blogs, and we give away some great free information. The owner at inConcert is Matt Ward.  What Matt loves the most is helping people find their way in business. Please enjoy these blogs and definitely take advantage of the free giveaways! 24 MAY […]